[AMRadio] Crystal Mic Elements

Robert Lawson w4rl at bellsouth.net
Sat Dec 8 23:34:27 EST 2007

And as usual, we hams have always come up with a back channel / back 
door of ways to make things work cheaper and as good at least and often 
times better.  It's the spirit of our fraternity from our beginning, 
isn't it.  I personally hated it when Astatic pulled the D-104 crystal 
element plug for us, but we will survive with all the fellas trying to 
see what goes with the 'other' elements now on the market with which 
they experiment.    I have two JT-30's but am embarrassed to say that I 
have never put them on the air. 

Wish me luck with my Audio-Technica ATR30 30 dollar venture.  It 
certainly is built very well and has great looks.  I will wire it up soon. 

73 Robert W4RL 

Geoff/W5OMR wrote:
> Robert Lawson wrote:
>> Geoff,
>> Yep, "we" did go through that a few years ago at length,
> When I said "we", I was referring to John/BXO and I (as in replying to 
> his message).  John, Otis, and someone else, forget now who it was... 
> Steve/K5LTK, perhaps, ordered some D-104 cartridges.  In fact, I think 
> they were the JT-30 replacement crystal cartridges, which have a very 
> similar sound to them, if not a bit 'richer'.
> With the right amount of EQ, any microphone can be made to sound -at 
> least- acceptable on the air.
> John, in particular, came up with an RC network, incorporating some 
> inverse feed-back on a 12AX7 mic preamp that flattens out the audio 
> response on most any crystal element mic (like a D-104 or JT-30, etc...)
> http://www.qsl.net/wa5bxo/xtal-mic-eq.gif

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