[AMRadio] Transformer Lead Dress

Brett Gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizon.net
Tue Dec 11 20:33:45 EST 2007

I found some silicone high voltage wire in an old
pager transmitter someone gave me.
It ran a 4-400 at 3000 volts, FM at about 70 mhz.
The silicone wire was about as thick as regular 18 gauge
stranded hookup wire, was white, and good for 10kv!

On some old iron, I cut the old wires off inside the shell,
and used heat shrink over the splice, and it works great,
and is a perminent nice looking fix.


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> Hello,
>  I just stripped out a basket case VK II transmitter for rebuilding.
>  Most of the transformer leads are brittle and even carefully removing
them thru the chassis hole, I can feel the rubber inner jacket breaking up.
>  I would expect to replace the wires near as I can get to the windings.
>  The plate transformer will need good HT wire.
> I have quite a bit of different sizes of silver teflon.
> for most of the windings but not quite sure what to do about the HT wires.
>  This is a project transmitter, not a restoration.
>   Suggestons? Sources of suitable wire in an affordable put up. I have
other large transformers with the same problem as well.
>  Thanks,
> Bill, KB3DKS/1
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