[AMRadio] IARU bandplan thoughts

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 12 05:25:14 EST 2007

Bob ?
What I am coming up with ?
A one-man band won't cut it with these people. 

Already they've tried to isolate the negative
visibility and concerned discussion by portraying what
I've written as "misleading" and "rumor."

Fortunately, their saying it does not make it so.

The most effective strategy against this type of
internal agenda is to shed public light on it (my
articles and those of others), question why it was a
big secret (CQ Magazine, December), and wonder aloud
why the ARRL is so determined to defend the mess they
made in Brazil, instead of working with their
constituents to repair the Band Plan.

I've read where the "minutes" of the IARU meeting will
not be published until after the Band Plan takes
effect next month. Isn't that nice ?

If you have a moment, perhaps email IARU officials to
press for an early Executive Summary of the Region 2
Band Plan disucssions, and further ask that the Band
Plan be open to additional revisions before enactment.

The operative addresses are below. Please say in your
introduction that you realize they are deferring most
questions to the club that for now represents U.S.
licensees, while noting the ARRL has not addressed the
need for continued revisions. 



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