[AMRadio] FS: TX Tubes, TX Sockets, Audio Transformers,

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 12 10:49:54 EST 2007

For Sale. All prices plus shipping.
250TH, Used, good, $45, 2 to sell
Raytheon RK-65 ?? This was Raytheon’s “Super-250TH” with heavy duty plate, etc. The socket is the same but the plate and grid caps are larger. Brand new. $35
Amperex HF-120, souped-up vt4/211, plug-n-play replacement for 211, good, $40
211, used, works, rattle in base, $40
838, untested, rattle in base, might not be good, $30
RCA JAN Metal 6L6, $5
Tung-Sol 5881, $5
3C24, NOSB JAN, $5
Taylor T40, used, good, $19, 2 to sell
Taylor T40, used, good but loose plate cap, $10
304TL EFJ 124-213, $20 each, 2 to sell
250TH, 810, VT4, etc., white, EFJ 123-211-1, $4 each, 5 to sell
250TH, 810, VT4, etc., black, General Electric UT54, one has small chip, $4 each, 2 to sell
100TH, 866A, etc. EFJ 123-209, white, $5 each, 5 to sell
80, many others, 4-Pin Ceramic, pair: $4
832, 826 VHF, EFJ 122-247, pair, $4
21M60A Universal Modulation TF Pri 200-20000, Sec 2000-20000 15 watts
24S60 Output TF 4M-14M CT at 0.35MADC Sec 0.1 to 30 ohms 4 watts 
T72A59 Plate and Single Button Mic To Grid TF has instruction sheet. 
A3879 Output TF Single 10K ohm plate to 4 ohms 5 watts 30MADC 
A3873 Plate Modulation TF Pri 8500 ohms PP 100MADC Sec 8000 ohms 100MADC 10 watts
A4351 Single Button or Double Button Microphone or Line to Single Grid Pri 50-500 ohms Sec 89K ohms Ratio 1:13.3
Kenyon T-473 PP 6L6’s Ab opr AB2 to Variable Load 450MADC
Jefferson 467-105 Input TF (no specs)
Triad TY-65Z Transistor Modulation Transformer Pri 32 ohms CT 575MADC Sec 3000-6000 ohms 10 watts
Two A-3008 Modulation TF Pri 10K ohms CT Sec 4K-10K ohms 10 watts
Two A-2906 Universal Line TF Pri 500-2K ohms Sec 3.2-8 ohms 10 watts
A-2902 Single Plate 10 Watt universal Output
A-2911 Pri 10K ohms 10MA Sec 90K ohms Interstage
A-2920 Driver 2.5:1 Ratio Pri to 1/2 Sec
A-2923 Input Pri 3.2 ohms Sec 5K ohms
Big-Boy Modulator: Homebrew, uses 2 810 tubes and RCA modulation transformer. No power supply except filament transformer. Well-made on long, narrow steel chassis. With 2 good 810 tubes. Ask for picture. $350
Push-Pull 250TH RF deck. HF, huge bread-slicer cap with plug-in coil. Coil is falling apart. Well-made on long, narrow steel chassis. With 2 good 250th tubes. Companion to modulator above. Ask for picture. $175
Coming Soon: Chokes and Filament Transformers.
Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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