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Wed Dec 12 10:57:22 EST 2007

Put me down for the RF deck also


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Subject: [AMRadio] FS: TX Tubes, TX Sockets, Audio Transformers,Modulator 
and RF Deck

For Sale. All prices plus shipping.


250TH, Used, good, $45, 2 to sell

Raytheon RK-65 ?? This was Raytheon’s “Super-250TH” with heavy duty plate, 
etc. The socket is the same but the plate and grid caps are larger. Brand 
new. $35

Amperex HF-120, souped-up vt4/211, plug-n-play replacement for 211, good, 

211, used, works, rattle in base, $40

838, untested, rattle in base, might not be good, $30

RCA JAN Metal 6L6, $5

Tung-Sol 5881, $5

3C24, NOSB JAN, $5

Taylor T40, used, good, $19, 2 to sell

Taylor T40, used, good but loose plate cap, $10


304TL EFJ 124-213, $20 each, 2 to sell

250TH, 810, VT4, etc., white, EFJ 123-211-1, $4 each, 5 to sell

250TH, 810, VT4, etc., black, General Electric UT54, one has small chip, $4 
each, 2 to sell

100TH, 866A, etc. EFJ 123-209, white, $5 each, 5 to sell

80, many others, 4-Pin Ceramic, pair: $4

832, 826 VHF, EFJ 122-247, pair, $4


21M60A Universal Modulation TF Pri 200-20000, Sec 2000-20000 15 watts
24S60 Output TF 4M-14M CT at 0.35MADC Sec 0.1 to 30 ohms 4 watts
T72A59 Plate and Single Button Mic To Grid TF has instruction sheet.

A3879 Output TF Single 10K ohm plate to 4 ohms 5 watts 30MADC
A3873 Plate Modulation TF Pri 8500 ohms PP 100MADC Sec 8000 ohms 100MADC 10 
A4351 Single Button or Double Button Microphone or Line to Single Grid Pri 
50-500 ohms Sec 89K ohms Ratio 1:13.3

Kenyon T-473 PP 6L6’s Ab opr AB2 to Variable Load 450MADC
Jefferson 467-105 Input TF (no specs)
Triad TY-65Z Transistor Modulation Transformer Pri 32 ohms CT 575MADC Sec 
3000-6000 ohms 10 watts

Two A-3008 Modulation TF Pri 10K ohms CT Sec 4K-10K ohms 10 watts
Two A-2906 Universal Line TF Pri 500-2K ohms Sec 3.2-8 ohms 10 watts
A-2902 Single Plate 10 Watt universal Output
A-2911 Pri 10K ohms 10MA Sec 90K ohms Interstage
A-2920 Driver 2.5:1 Ratio Pri to 1/2 Sec
A-2923 Input Pri 3.2 ohms Sec 5K ohms

Big-Boy Modulator: Homebrew, uses 2 810 tubes and RCA modulation 
transformer. No power supply except filament transformer. Well-made on long, 
narrow steel chassis. With 2 good 810 tubes. Ask for picture. $350

Push-Pull 250TH RF deck. HF, huge bread-slicer cap with plug-in coil. Coil 
is falling apart. Well-made on long, narrow steel chassis. With 2 good 250th 
tubes. Companion to modulator above. Ask for picture. $175

Coming Soon: Chokes and Filament Transformers.
Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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