[AMRadio] RE: IARU bandplan thoughts

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Wed Dec 12 13:07:04 EST 2007

> You know, even if one takes the ARRL protestations of innocence at face
> value, they still have failed to protect the interests of all current US 
> operators
> and modes in the IARU Region 2 bandplan revision process.  Their vote in 
> favor
> of the revisions with tight bandwidth limits, and their subsequent claims
> that we can ignore the plan (until they've had a chance to educate 
> everyone as to
> its merits?) does not serve us well at all.
> Steve WD8DAS

So far, the League's response has been that "it is a voluntary band plan. If 
you don't see any merit to it, ignore it. It's not part of any FCC rules and 
regulations, and shouldn't affect US amateur operation".

The 3892 crowd was recently monitored discussing the band plan. As might be 
expected, they are too ignorant to understand what it means.  One of those 
rocket scientists was overheard telling the others that after Jan. 1, there 
would be no AM on 160, AM would be limited to narrow segments on the other 
bands, and that anyone with an old AM rig that goes over 6 kc/s is going to 
be illegal and their rigs will have to be trashed.  Not only do these guys 
lie to outsiders, they lie to their own followers to keep the fire burning.

If you are interested in hearing it, here is an audio clip:

This is precisely why we should all be concerned, the League's spin on the 
issue notwithstanding.  Even if we can take ARRL's assertions at face value 
(in which case they have done an extremely poor job of communicating their 
position to the greater amateur community), there will be many, many 
amateurs, even well-meaning hams who are not part of mentally challenged 
groups like the ones on 3878 and 3892, who will fail to understand exactly 
what the IARU bandplan is, and who will INSIST that it is illegal to operate 
AM outside the suggested "windows" or transmit any signal beyond the stated 
bandwidths.  In every non-compliant QSO we can expect to hear uninvited 
breakers and anonymous SSB comments dropped in on top of our carriers, 
"informing" us that we are operating illegally, or that we are "poor 
operators", or "lids", because we are wilfully disregarding the band plan. 
As we continue to operate legally using our preferred modes on frequencies 
of our choice, there will inevitably be a certain element within the amateur 
community who will become extremely PO'ed at our refusal to conform, and 
substantial momentum will begin to gather, to petition the FCC to adopt the 
IARU's suggested restrictions on AM and bandwidth into Part 97.

Don k4kyv

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