[AMRadio] Large Estate sale (K9RJ) and other stuff being sold by

Jim Candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Wed Dec 12 22:12:45 EST 2007

Hi All, I was refereed to a website that is full of BA gear for sale. They call themselves "Nationwide Radio & Equipment sales'. I have never seen so much collector quality gear in one place before. The section on National receivers is incredible. Along the way there are a lot of D-104's and even some brand new Astatic elements, several Johnson 122 VFO's, and on and on. Most of the stuff seems priced well, and a few items like a Johnson Viking 500 and a TMC GPR-90 are on the high side to my measly budget. Then there is a Viking II CRC and B&W 5100 that appear priced well.

I have no connection to the guy selling this stuff,



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