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SBJohnston at aol.com SBJohnston at aol.com
Thu Dec 13 09:34:28 EST 2007

jmac6235 at yahoo.com writes:

> Why do we need to change a largely successful existing
> system of frequency allocation by mode to accommocate
> another mode?

I sense that there are hams who want to "control" the existing modes in 
various ways, and they are using the opportunity presented by the new modes to 
crack-down on the old ones.  These control-enthusiasts always see new-is-better 
and also ignore any mode they don't personally use.  

There is also a group that wants to sell equipment for new modes, and if 
those modes can be "intrusive" in nature, or are attractive to new operators 
without experience, they want reserved spectrum for them.

And many of these folks also do not like the fact that skill is needed to 
build and operate a ham radio station.  They want simpler, channelized operation 
with controlled bandwidths, automatic serial-number identification, etc.  The 
goal seems to be spend $5000, get a carton, unpack it, connect to computer, 
and you are a "ham".

The main reason I get this impression is in the responses from supporters of 
the Region 2 bandplan, or regulation-by-bandwidth, I hear the term "chaos" 
used to describe our present operations, and the term "channel" comes up often, 
and "we must do this for the future growth of ham radio", and the like.

Steve  WD8DAS

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