[AMRadio] bandplan thoughts

Peter Markavage manualman at juno.com
Thu Dec 13 14:22:30 EST 2007

The ARRL is the representative at the IARU for all U. S. amateurs.
As a card carrying member, I would object to my membership monies being
spent to solicit input from nonmembers through mass-mailings. Even at
bulk pricing, that's over $17K one way, and if you include a SASE, that
figure is doubled. If amateurs really want to be part of this process,
they should become members. Reflectors and internet forums are horrible
places to solicit input. One only as to look at the forums that held
active "discussions" on the voluntary Region 2 band plan with all the
P&M, misinformation,  wrong information, snippets from questionable
sources, information that can't be verified, etc. However, the e-mail
address, bandplan at arrl.org which has been active since 2006 is a great
channel to funnel all your band plan or regulation by bandwidth issues
and concerns even if you're not a member.

I'll try and get down there on AM this Saturday, if the antenna stays up.
There's a large coating of ice on it now. Half of the 160 antenna right
now is frozen in between a bunch of tree branches. My 3rd Director on the
6 meter beam is spinning around in the wind. These issues never happen
when the weather is nice.

Pete, wa2cwa

On Thu, 13 Dec 2007 13:36:44 -0500 "Todd, KA1KAQ" <ka1kaq at gmail.com>
> Agreed, but it's a two way street here: if the ARRL wants to claim
representation of US amateurs, they need to make it a point to solicit
input from *all*, not simply dues-paying members. Thanks to the internet,
postage and mass-mailing costs can no longer be worthy excuses.
> > See you on the channel where chaos is the norm especially when the 
> hot
> > topic is "what's for dinner".
> Or a bit below, depending on conditions. With the band going long
> early, the VE Land net that has used that frequency forever likes 
> to
> get on earlier, and moving later is a bit of a hassle to say the
> least. Al 'AJM would like very much to discuss CE gear and pick 
> your
> brain a bit about your experiences. I'll be there for entertainment
> value, wouldn't miss it!  :D
> ~ Todd,  KA1KAQ

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