[AMRadio] Crystal Mic Elements

Brett Gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizon.net
Thu Dec 13 17:43:05 EST 2007

I have had the same D104 for the last 25 years at least.
I got it new from AES I think, and it still works good as new,
despite the abuse.

A very good microphone to use with some rigs like
the 32v3, with mods to the radio.

My D104 has a grey uncoiled cord, and when I tried putting
a longer cord on it (only a few feet longer) it lost all its high

These things are very high impiedance!


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> I understand that Astatic will replace the mic element if you send the old
> mic back to them for repair.  They will charge you for the new element
> installation fee, likely to be as much or more than the element itself.  I
> wouldn't send them one of my pre-1937 1-inch thick mic heads though.  They
> might not re-assemble it with all the original hardware, they might damage
> it or worse still, the old mic head might be considered a 'core
> and I would get back someone else's new style head with a new element in
> One option would be to send a spare usused later model head and when I got
> it back, swap it out with the one in my older version.
> A  spare mic head should be no different whether kept "n.o.s" in the
> original unopened box or installed in a microphone.  I don't think
> connecting a microphone to a rig could cause any additional wear and tear
> the microphone, other than possible damage from being dropped.  I have
> several D-104's with good elements and they all work OK.  The last time I
> bought a  new element from Astatic was sometime about 1990.
> I once saw a Japanese reproduction D-104 at a hamfest.  It looked
> to the original, except for the name plate, and the screws that hold the
> head together which were phillips-head instead of slotted.  Of course, I
> have no idea if the element inside was the same thing.  If so, they might
> still have replacement elements, but I wouldn't count on it being
> to or as good as an original Astatic.
> As popular as those mics have been ever since 1933, you would think that
> now someone would be manufacturing low-cost after-market elements that
> be identical to and as good as the originals, just like they do automotive
> parts.
> Don k4kyv
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