[AMRadio] bandplan thoughts

cemilton at aol.com cemilton at aol.com
Fri Dec 14 10:18:16 EST 2007

I have to agree with Steve.................other than the always 
present "eager beavers" who will attempt to direct all other amateurs 
to follow the new IARU bandplan, the fallout from this escapade will 
not be immediate.  It's what comes down the road.  Where the ARRL 
failed a couple of years ago, they have no intent of failing again.  
The IARU bandplan is now the plank in their platform that will most 
likely be used to petition the FCC at some future date to change the 
rules and implement most, if not all, of the bandplan being discussed.

Regulation, de-regulation and re-regulation are three words the FCC 
loves most.  Just depends on who greases the wheels and the current 
political party in charge.

Remember when the Radiotelephone First Class Operators License meant 
something?  It was relegated to a GROL, whose value is debatable.  Look 
at the current television industry.  It was the FCC who mandated the 
change in frequencies and the sunset of the current spectrum.  HDTV was 
mandated and after one postponement, the sunset is now a reality.

I submit the next move the ARRL makes is one that will be similar to 
the broadcast television industry.  A future date will be made known 
and the rules amended to reflect a digital spectrum for Amateur Radio.  
Large chunks of bandwidth will be devoted to emergency and experimental 
use with modes like AM eliminated and strict bandwidth limitations 
placed on the SSB operators.  Boatanchor rigs will simply not be able 
to be used.  Currently popular rice-boxes will demise and the 
manufacturers will offer only rigs meeting the new mode/bandwidth 
requirements.  Add-on "converter boxes" will take up the slack between 
these events.  Think not?  Look at the ads in QST.

No, the sky isn't falling.  Chicken Little is still in good shape.  And 
the ARRL won't likely try this in the next month or two.  But can it 
happen?  I think so, but I hope I'm wrong.

Just a thought and comment.


Flame away!

73 de W4MIL

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manualman at juno.com writes:

> Nineteen days till the perceived "amateur radio shakeup". I bet there
> will be fireworks to commemorate the occasion.

Don't be silly, Pete.  There will be no "shakeup" simply because a 
group wrote a bandplan in secret.  The trouble comes later, as that 
plan begins
cause stress among amateurs over who is "following the bandplan" or 
There have already been on-air threats of violence made against AMers 
to the new bandplan.

It will also be a point of stress for hi-fi SSB stations, users of 
gear of all kinds, and various digital mode users.

Later still, the IARU bandplan will be held up as an example for other
band-planners, such as the ARRL.  And later still, there will be a move 
to make
part of the FCC rules.

As my grandfather used to say, "Mark my words..."

Steve  WD8DAS

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