[AMRadio] Todd's redhead and some news

John Flood kb1fqg at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 14 14:53:37 EST 2007

Todd said...
< And there
was this little redhead out in Illinois....>

Hey Todd, did she have freckles too?   Bettter not answer that as it may cause some impure thoughts...  Does she have a sister?  I may have already asked ya that!  How do I turn this back O.T. for the list.  Oh ya I have some news burried in a short story.

Seven years of procrastination down the drain....  We had a woman show up on our local 440 repeater a couple of weeks ago and It was her first contact on radio.  The strange thing was her call was 20 years old.   It was her novice call from way back when.  However, she never used it after passing the test.  Recently she was inspired by some other hams at work and went to the local VE exam and passed the tech and general on the same nite, hence her showing up on the radio at long last.  Fast forward to this past Wed.  She told us on the am commute to  work that she was going back to take the extra again that night.  That caused the locals to really start winding me up about my lack of progress in upgrading and worse of all a "Girl" was going to go from novice to extra in 4 weeks!  They were relentless that morning.  To shut them all up I told them I'd try to stop there on my way home and even better I'd get to meet the "Girl" and they could start some
 scandalous rumours about us.  To make a short story even longer.  I arrived to find a bunch of guys I knew there who were VE's and they had all sort of thought over time that I was at a higher class than I was based on the stuff we play with.  This, of course, produced new slagging that I had to put up with as I filled out my form.  My biggest fear was that if I failed and the "Girl" got her extra I'd have to go into hiding for a while. I was presented with the test and found a new question pool was in use but must have known my stuff anyways as without any study I passed the general with only 2-3 errors.  I was "forced" (sort of) to take the extra as well but missed that with a score of 60% or so, not to bad I guess for no study.  I was thinking yesterday that with the snow storm on the way, what better time to throw up a TX wire and get on 75 or 160 AM before the ARRL tells me that my junk is to old to use anymore.  However the 4.5 hour crawl home in
 a foot of snow killed those plans.  Hmmm....  ther is another storm on the
way this weekend....  what better way to warm up my hands then on top of the SP-600 / R390A / or Valliant......

Be warned, you guys are really stuck with me now........

Happy __________  (insert your winter festival)

John Flood
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