[AMRadio] bandplan thoughts

Peter Markavage manualman at juno.com
Fri Dec 14 17:51:24 EST 2007

Actually, I think the opposite will happen. Manufacturers generally
design for a five year life-cycle use. Obsolescence generally is built
into the rig by simply using proprietary or custom designed  parts. I
suspect the K3, Flex, and Orion bandwidth algorithm probably can be
changed with a simple software download. The PRO III is bandwidth
algorithm is done in firmware and not easily changed by the customer.
Regulation by bandwidth probably would be a boom for new manufacturer
production. I would suspect manufacturers would fully support it down the

Pete, wa2cwa

On Fri, 14 Dec 2007 09:49:34 -0600 "Bob Peters" <rwpeters at swbell.net>
> Chuck You are right on target. My big question is why are the 
> equipment
> manufacteurs speaking out??? This whole thing will really hurt them 
> as
> well... All the expanded SSB gear out there will be obsolete, The 
> III the K-3 the Flex, orion, all of these to out past 3 khz and on 
> am
> they can go beyond 6 khz. Lots of folks don't understand how 
> dangerous
> this whole thing is. Not just to the AM Community but far beyond 
> that.
> Is there not anykind of Lobbying group that can get the ball 
> rolling??
> We need to put out our $$ to get this rolling!!! Maybe a Class 
> action on
> the ARRL would help...
> Make them spend as well... They are getting just like our 
> politicians
> using our hard earned $$ to take trips to Brazil..
> I wish that I could write a good letter but my letter writing skills 
> are
> really bad!!
> Bob W1PE

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