[AMRadio] Specs wanted on Stancor A 3895 Mod Xfmr

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Fri Dec 14 22:35:00 EST 2007


You may already have this info but here is some data from the Stancor 
1939 Hamanual:

Tube to transformer Recommendations for the 3895:

RK-31, 1kv plate 0 bias 140W 16,800 PPL
HY-40, 800v plate -28 bias 140W 5,800 PPL
HY-40, 1kv plate -37.5 bias 175W 7,000 PPL
HY-40Z, 1kv plate 0 bias 180W 6,900 PPL
TZ-40, 1,250v plate -4.5 bias 225W 10,000 PPL
50-T, 1,500v plate -135 bias 175W 16,000 PPL
HK-54 1,500v plate -45 bias 200W 12,500 PPL
T-55, 1,500v plate -67 bias 175W 12,000 PPL
RK-57, 1,250v plate 0 bias 300W 6,700 PPL
RK-58, 1,250v plate 0 bias 260W 9,000 PPL
100TH, 1,250v plate 0 bias 260W 7,200 PPL
100TH, 1,500v plate -20 bias 300W 9,600 PPL
ZB-120, 1,500v plate -9 bias 300W 11,200 PPL
HK-154, 1kv plate -150 bias 198W 7,500 PPL
HK-154, 1,250v plate -205 bias 225W 11,000 PPL
203-B, 1,250v plate -45 bias 300W 7,900 PPL
HK-254, 1kv plate 0 bias 150W 4,000 PPL
808, 1,500v plate -25 bias 190W 18,300 PPL

That sums up all the different PPL ratings from the tube/transformer 
chart. Tubes with the same PPL have been ommited.
There are no wiring charts in the manual but the above seems to show 
all the possibilities. 18,300 down to 4,000 ohms.

Hope this helps,
Bill, KB3DKS/1

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