[AMRadio] FS: Rack Panels, Used Chassis, Cabinet Sheet Metal

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 16 19:46:53 EST 2007

For Sale. All prices plus Shipping Cost.
19 Inch Rack Panels. These are all heavy-gauge panels suitable for front panel component mounting.
3.5 inch, aluminum, scratched gray paint. $5
5.25 inch Bud aluminum, black wrinkle, NOS in original wrapping. $9
5.25 inch steel, painted gray. $7
8.75 inch, steel, gray wrinkle, 4 1/8 inch holes near edges for chassis mounting and one 3/8 inch hole dead center where the chassis would be. $7
8.75 inch aluminum, scratched gray paint. $8
Three 10.5 inch aluminum, natural finish protected by stick-on paper. $10 each
Two 14 inch aluminum natural finish. These were back panels and they have a small notch cut in one edge for a line cord exit. $8 each
17.5 inch Bud aluminum, natural finish, NOS in original wrapping. $15
Chassis and Boxes, Mostly Used
17x10x3 black wrinkle chassis. This may have been a commercial ham TX or early kit that someone cannibalized. It has 3 tubes sockets mounted--4 pin rectifier, 5-pin and octal. The power supply components--transformer and electrolytic are mounted. The front chassis apron has an on/off switch, pilot lamp, var cap, octal socket, hole for a meter and 1/4 inch jack. The back chassis apron is clean except for a line cord exit hole. Two ceramic standoffs on the center-rear of the chassis are apparently for antenna connections. The wiring suggests a one-tube CW transmitter in the 6V6-6F6 class, or maybe octal sweep tube--6BG6? The 5-pin socket is for a plug-in coil I think. Maybe someone wants to resurrect this? Or just turn the chassis around and make the back the front for a new project. $10
5Dx10Wx3H Bud aluminum chassis, NOS in wrapping. $8
7Dx12Wx3H thin aluminum chassis with gussets at the corners. Someone started a project. They mounted a crystal socket, 9-pin socket, octal socket and 2 pots all facing up on the chassis. Underneath, they mounted one ex-ARC-5 cap and one small Thordarson transformer of unknown utility. The only thing mounted on the front of the chassis apron is one DPDT switch dead center. As-is. $7
2 plastic radio shack project cases, NOS. One is 4 x 2 x 1. The other is 8x3x1 with aluminum front panel. Both: $4
5x7x3 Premier aluminum chassis, NOS. $5
4x4x2 steel box black wrinkle with front panel, 3 holes in panel plus what looks like 9 sets of 3 holes for BNC-connectors or similar on 2 opposite sides of the box. Nicely drilled. Some sort of switch box or combiner. Free with any purchase.
4x6x2 aluminum chassis, one RCA jack on one side and two on the other, 3 RCA-jack size holes on top plus a bunch of 3/16” holes. Free with any purchase.
7x12x3 thin aluminum chassis with braces at corners. 2 7-pin sockets and 2 octal sockets mounted on to plus many 3/16 inch holes. Apron has SO-239 and 2 3/8 inch holes on one side and line cord exit on short side. Sloppy work. Some parts mounted underneath. $4
17x10x2 thin aluminum chassis with gussets at corners. NOS. $8
Cabinet Sheet Metal. Someone went to a lot of cutting and bending work to make 3 sheet metal “cabinets” that would mount right onto the chassis, leaving the chassis apron showing as part of the front panel. These are cut and bent and partially drilled for the screws necessary to hold them together. Top quality work and medium gauge, strong metal. 
1. Top, back, sides and front for 17x10.75x3 chassis. Undrilled. $9
2. Top, back and sides (no front) for 17x12.75x3 chassis. Drilled. $8
3. Top, sides and back (no front) for 17x12.75x3 chassis.  Undrilled, Back piece seems cut a bit too long or maybe I figured it wrong. $5
Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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