[AMRadio] power supplies and other stuff, CHEAP!!

Edward B Richards zuu6k at juno.com
Sun Dec 16 21:11:59 EST 2007

Hi guys;

Below are some items that are surplus to my needs. I am asking only $5
per item plus $9 shipping. I only want enough to pay my costs for packing
material and gas to take them to the post office and maybe a couple of
bucks for coffee. (I am not worth much). All items are in excellent
condition and have been tested (yes, they passed). Pictures are available
on request. Thank you.

1. Standard Power Supplies model SPS 120-5; is a 5 VDC regulated supply
rated at 12 Amps. Primary is 120 VAC it looks new.

2. Standard Power Supplies model SPS 40D; is a dual 12-15 VDC adjustable,
regulated supply. It has 2 identical but separate supplies rated at 1.2
amps each. They can be put in parallel for 12-15 VDC at 2.4 Amps or
series with the negative grounded for 24-30 VDC at 1.2 amps or in series
with the junction grounded to provide +12-15 and -12-15 VDC for IC's and
circuits that require both a + and a - supply. It looks almost new.

3. Homebrew 5 VDC regulated power supply. The current rating is unknown
but I would estimate it at 1 to 1.5 Amps. It does not look new.

4. RCA model A-8838300-1 precision crystal oscillator at 500 kc. It is a
complete oscillator in a chrome sealed container about the size of a
candy bar. It contains the tube, a crystal oven and all of the
components. It requires 6V for filament and a hundred or so VDC for the
plate. It comes with the circuit schematic. Untested but guaranteed. I
believe it to be NOS, NIB.

5. 10 inch PM speaker mounted to a board with grill cloth. 16 ohms. No
holes in the cone (yet).

6. Vacuum capacitor with the mount. I measured it at close to 50 pFd.
Dirty, but then, how can you hurt a vacuum?

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