[AMRadio] Mic elements, crystal and other

Bob Peters rwpeters at swbell.net
Mon Dec 17 21:02:16 EST 2007

Terry ...Geoff is correct on his statement ...I would take one exception
and that would be a Carbon Mike Ie like you stated the old Bell Telphone
handset mics. They sound terrible no matter what. You can take a $10 mic
and make it sound as good as a $100 mic with proper EQ. I have done that
on many occasions. Using a 3 band parametric EQ will do wonders for
anything. A graphic EQ is much more complicated for the newbe in audio
becase when you give band say C a boost that puts out band B and D . So
long story short the answer is YES...

Very Best 73's
Bob W1PE
The Voice of Mesquite

"Money is only temporary, but radios are forever" - Jim Little aka "the
old dog"/K5BAI

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 Geoff wrote
  "With the right amount of EQ, any microphone can be made to sound
  at least acceptable on the air."

  Great. Does anyone know whether mic elements deSIGNed specifically 
 for voice..i.e., the old Bell telephone handset mics...can likewise
 be cajoled into service?  Seems to me there's a distinct advantage
 to using one of them, not only for radio but also for vocal
 e.g. recording / performance...or am I inhaling too much solder smoke?

  Anyone have feedback? Thanks, and I hope Santa's good to you all.

  73, Terry  KC9KEL
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