[AMRadio] The ARRL, Elmers, and Mentors

ronnie.hull ronnie.hull at glowbugs.com
Tue Dec 18 20:30:40 EST 2007

I've been licensed since 1968 and I am pretty sure I have been 
hearing "Elmer" since then. I know I have referred to my mentor, the first 
W5SUM, Robert Ehrhardt, as my Elmer since I was a pup. Why should "Elmer" go 
away? Whats wrong with that term? Sure means more to me than the 
phrase "Political Correctness" which I consider a festering sore on the face 
of society LOL. 

Elmer, like Wouf Hong, is part of MY ham radio history and background. I'm 
glad its there.

Now, lets all sit down and have a nice cold 807!!

Ronnie  W5SUM

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