[AMRadio] FS: Quality Boatanchor Radio Books

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 25 21:10:01 EST 2007

For Sale: Quality Boatanchor Radio Books. In good condition or better unless noted otherwise. Media mailing cost additional.
In no particular order….
Simpson Electric Co.,  1001 Uses For The Simpson 260 VOM, Simpson, 1953. $7
Kneitel, Tom WB2AAI, Electronic [Ham Radio] Circuits Handbook, Cowan, 1963 $10
Tepper, Marvin, Basic Radio Volume 3, 2nd ed., Hayden, 1974 (1961) $9
Mark, David, How To Read Schematic Diagrams, Rider, 1957 $5
Tepper, Marvin, Basic Radio Repair, Vol. 2 (Transmitters), Rider, 1963 $11
OH2SQ, Ham’s Interpreter—English—European Translator,  DL1CU, Germany, Undated 1960? $5
Marcus, Abraham, Radio Servicing Theory and Practice, Prentice-Hall, 1948. Hardback, 770 pages, as good as it gets. $22
Brown, Jack N. , Single Sideband Techniques, CQ, 1954. Cover aging. $8
Kraus, John, Big Ear, The Story of Radio-Astronomy , Cygnus-Quasar, 1976 $18
Georgiev, Alexander M., The Electrolytic Capacitor, Murray Hill, 1945. Hardback. 200 pages. Includes list of patents for the electrolytic dating to 1891. Extensive bibliography. $16
Rider, John, Practical Radio Repairman’s Hints, Radio Treatise, 1931. Scruffy hardback. $19
Reich, Herbert , Theory and Application of Electron Tubes 2nd ed.,  McGraw-Hill,  1944. $17
Terman, Frederick, Radio Engineers’ Handbook, Text Book Edition,   McGraw-Hill, 1943 $21
Henney, Keith, Editor, Radio Engineering Handbook, 5th Ed., McGraw-Hill, 1959. 28 chapters representing the leading companies of the day. The chapter on Radio Transmitters was written by Warren Breune of Collins Radio Company, the one on receivers was written by Charles Dean at Hazeltine. $23
Orr, William I., The 1972 Radio Handbook, 19th Edition, Editors & Eng., 1972 $13
Green Wayne, ed. Et al, Command Sets, CQ, 1957 $17
Kneitel, Tom, WB2AAI, Surplus Conversion Handbook, CQ, 1964 $16
Albert, Arthur L., Electronics and Electron Devices, 3rd ed., Macmillan Co. , 1956. Tubes in theory and practice. Pretty good. Hardback with torn spine. $14
 Samuel, Rhys, The VTVM, How To Use It, How It Works, Gernsback, 1956 $9
Johnson, J. Richard, How to Build electronic Equipment, 1st ed., Rider, 1962. Basic to advanced home-brewing. 290 pages. $12
Schure, Alexander, Amplitude Modulation, Rider, 1956. $13
Ghirardi & Johnson, Radio & TV Receiver Trroubleshooting & Repair, Rinehart, 1959 $14
Higgy, Robert C., Fundamental Radio Experiments, John Wiley, 1943 w/dust jacket. $11
Buchsbaum, Walter H., Tested Electronic Troubleshooting Methods, Prentice-Hall hardback, 1974, 210 pages. Teaches 4 techniques: Symptom-Function, Signal Tracing, Voltage-Resistance and Substitution. Hardback with dust jacket. $18
Brown and Lawrence, How To Read Electronic Circuit Diagrams, Tab, 1972, hardback. $6
Terman, Frederick, Measurements In Radio Engineering, 1st ed., McGraw-Hill, 1935. $19
Jones, Francis Arthur, Thomas Alva Edison, An Intimate Record, Thomas Y. Crowell, 1908. Rare book. Excellent hardback. $30
Henney, Keith, Pinciples of Radio, 3rd ed., Wiley & Sons, 1938 $15
ARRL Ham Radio Fiction by Walker A. Tomkins. Three titles in good shape: Death Valley QTH, DX Brings Danger and Grand Canyon QSO. $15/all 3
Not Radio:
Shealy, E. M., Steam Engines, McGraw-Hill hardback, 1919, 290 pages. Classic steam text. $23
Thanks for looking. More book lists to follow.
73, Merry Christmas and Peace On Our Long-Suffering Earth, 
Don Merz, N3RHT

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