[AMRadio] Potting Material

WE0H we0h at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 28 20:58:50 EST 2007

3M Windo-Weld Super Fast Urethane part number 051135-08609

Found at AutoZone or other automotive outlets. It is used on todays 
windshields to glue them to the frame. Car nuts use it for filling 
factory motor mounts to make them solid.

It'll pot anything you want and yet still be cut out if you want to get 
it out someday. Epoxy is near permanent. This stuff is wicked tough but 
can be carved out with very sharp knifes.


Greg Schultz Sr wrote:
> I remember some discussions a while back on material used for potting
> baluns.  I am making coax connectors for my quad using pvc pipe plugs
> and would like to fill the plug with a suitable rigid material that will
> protect the connection between the pl-259 and the lugs from the weather.
> I investigated the epoxy potting material on the internet, but they seem
> quite expensive.  Has anyone used a cheaper material that is available
> in hardware/auto/marine stores.
> Greg W5RY

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