[AMRadio] FS: More Quality Radio Books

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 29 00:33:15 EST 2007

For Sale: More Quality Boatanchor Books. All prices plus shippping. 
All in very good condition.
Orr, William I., Beam Antenna Handbook, 3rd ed., Radio Pubs., 1965. $7
Camm, F. J., The Superhet Manual, Geo. Newnes Ltd., 1940. $11
Carr, Joseph, Mastering Radio Frequency Circuits Through Projects and Experiments, TAB, 1994. One of Carr’s best--and that’s saying something. $16
Hooton, Harry D., Amateur Antenna Tests and Measurements, Sams ,1977. $7
Devoldere, John, ON4UN, Low Band Dxing, ARRL, 1987. A pure classic. $14
Schumacher, Alice Clink, Hiram Percy Maxim, Ham Radio Publishing, 1970. This is the original, not the recent reprint. $12
Carr, Joseph, Old Time Radios, Restoration and Repair, TAB, 1991. A personal favorite of mine. $16
Weiss, Walter, Practical Application of The Oscillograph To Modern Radio Servicing, Hickok Techniocal Bulletin Number 150, Undated but must be 1941 or so. $8
Lenk, John D., Handbook of Electronic Meters, Theory and Application, 1969. $11
Jaski, Tom, How To Get The Most Out Of Your VOM, Gernsback #85, 1960. $9
Oleksy, Jerome E., Electronic Troubleshooting, Bobbs-Merrill, 1983. $11
Williams, J. K.,  C.W. Manual, Radio Telegraphy, 73 Magazine, 1962. $6
Middleton, Robert, and Ghirardi Alfred, How To Use Test Probes, 1954. $8
National Semiconductor, Voltage Regulator Handbook, Radio Shack, 1975. $5
Clifford, Martin, How To Use You VOM, VTVM, & Ocilloscope 1st ed., Tab Books,1968. $8
73, Inc., Coax Handbook, 73 Magazine, 1968. $7
Johnson, J. Richard, How To Use Signal And Sweep Generators 1st ed., Rider #147           , 1953. $9
Zucconi, Bruno, & Clifford, M., Probes For Test Instruments, 2nd ed., Gernsback Library, 1965. $9
Dezettel, Louis W5REZ, Amateur Tests And Measurements, Ed & Eng, 1969. $9
Schure, Alexander, Filters and Attenuators, Rider, 1961. $6
Philco,  Electronic Circuit Directory--Training Manual AN-296, Philco, 1953. $5
Carlson, Elmer, Ten Minute Test Techniques, TAB, 1967. $9
Moell, Joseph D., & Curlee, Thomas N., Transmitter Hunting: Radio direction Finding Simplified, Tab Books, 1987. $10
Tomer, Robert, Getting The Most Out Of Vacuum Tubes, Sams Hardback, 1960. Very well done. $22
Gottlieb, Irving M., Regulated Power Supplies (solid state), Sams, 1978. $8
Armstrong, E. H., Operating Features of the Audion (1993 Reprint), New York Academy of Sciences, August 2, 1917. $7
Lighthouse Larry, G.E. Ham News Sideband Handbook, G. E Ham News, 1961. This is a collection of G.E. Ham news issues on SSB topics and projects augmented by complementary “key articles” on linear amplifiers, RF and audio accessories and power supplies. About 150 pages. Spiral bound. $23
Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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