[AMRadio] Heavy Metal Calls List - formatted

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 29 09:27:21 EST 2007

Ken, to get even more benefit for everyone, I posted
your list of 1x1 by call district below, which
contains a WORD document link for easy, ready-to-go,
single page printout.

Also, there's a typo in your V.2 for W1R, now fixed,
it's W1RKW sted as written.

Here's the link:


Thanks again, your layout is the one on the desk for
the Heavy Metal Rally !

ALSO, around Midnight Eastern (0500GMT), maybe spool
down to 3705 where these folks will be listening to
try to work as many HMR stations as they can:

Mervyn GW8TBG, 
John F6AKQ, 
Fortunato 9H1ES, 
Henk PE1MPH, 
Jan PA3HCO. 

We will certainly give it a go, 73 and 
Happy New Year, Max MØGHQ


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