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Sat Dec 29 13:29:23 EST 2007

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Coming Soon -- Microwave Gun That Can Destroy Your Car From 600 Feet Away

A Pasadena, California company has created a device that will destroy a car’
s electrical system and stop it dead in its tracks. Just one pulse from this
beam disables cars up to 50 feet away.

How does it work? One beam pulsed in a burst lasting just 50 nanoseconds
disrupts your vehicle's electrical system. The radiation can overload wires,
or damage or upset your car's central microprocessor.

Their prototype is 5 feet long, 3 feet wide, 1 foot thick, and weighs just
under 200 pounds. With proper funding, it may be possible to create a device
weighing only 50 pounds that works from 600 feet away.

It operates on the same general principle as a microwave oven, but at a 300
megahertz frequency, rather than your standard microwave oven, which
operates at about 2.5 gigahertz. It is said to be non-harmful to humans.

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