[AMRadio] Coming Soon -- Microwave Gun

Mike Sawyer w3slk at hughes.net
Sat Dec 29 23:33:45 EST 2007

This is kind of old news. I know when I was in the military my ship, a very 
large aircraft carrier, prior to going to the yards for overhaul, was 
scheduled with an EMP generator. I don't know why it was scrapped but they 
can-X'ed it. I remember seeing what the original plans were. My dept/div. 
was OE. We had control of the ships operational electronics such as radars, 
computers and radio/data communication. If memory serves me, they wanted to 
see how close we could get to a A-bomb EMP event before it rendered all 
electronics useless. On a side note. When that Soviet pilot flew that MIG-25 
to Japan, a lot of the investigators laughed because all the avionics was 
based on electron tube technology. Until one person spoke and stated, "Maybe 
they built it like this on purpose." Whereas tubes are substaniantally more 
hardy to an EMP event than solid state. Another fine reason to keep building 
and using hollow state technology;>)

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