[AMRadio] RE: Recordings of old AM QSOs and HOSTS file

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Sun Dec 30 03:02:39 EST 2007

Ed wrote:

I think I'll wait until the DNS servers update their IP databases,
rather than  reconfigure my computer.


John Coleman wrote:
Hey Paul and others
 Edit your host file "c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts"
Add this line to the bottom wa5bxo.shacknet.nu

save and close

direct your internet browser to http://wa5bxo.shacknet.nu/otis-recordings

I have used a custom HOSTS file for several years.  It keeps a lot of junk 
out of the computer, by automatically blocking thousands of suspect websites 
that appear on a "no-fly list" that is updated every couple of weeks.  When 
I run any one of my anti-spyware scans, now I typically find 5 or 6 
"problems", usually low-risk "tracking cookies",  whereas before, I would 
find 30 or more, often including unauthorised registry entries.  Plus, it 
blocks many of the annoying banner ads that appear on certain web pages.  My 
Hotmail account now looks almost like my ISP e-mail account, with ALL the 
ads blocked.  As a bonus, this allows a web page to load up more quickly, 
since banner ads are each separate url's that must load up in addition to 
the main web page, before the page will display.

Best of all, it is free.  You can subscribe to a mailing list to receive 
updates by e-mail.  Once you get the hang of it, it takes about 45 seconds 
to manually install the updated file.  I created a shortcut to gain quick 
access to the "etc" folder just for this purpose.

You can still edit the custom HOSTS file per John's instructions if you 

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