[AMRadio] Squeaky roller inductor

Bill Smith hbco2 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Feb 2 21:55:40 EST 2007

I would use silicon-spray lubricant.  STP made a great Silicon Spray
Lubricant product that did not include smelly, corrosive, and/or destructive
solvents or leave a sticky residue.  If you can find a can, stock up!  It is
now hard to find around here.

73 de Bill, AB6MT
hbco2 at sbcglobal.net

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Subject: [AMRadio] Squeaky roller inductor

I've got a rig that has a squeaky roller inductor in the tank circuit
and would love to quiet it down, not to mention have it turn a bit
smoother.  Does anyone have any ideas on some sort of HV lubricant
that could be used in this part of the circuit without any sort of ill
effects?  Without looking, I'm pretty sure there is no DC on the
inductor, but surely a lot of RF voltage with an 3cx1500 final.

I've been reluctant to try anything...

Brian / w5ami

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