[AMRadio] Squeaky roller inductor

tuscola tuscola at tds.net
Fri Feb 2 23:12:27 EST 2007

I don't know the type of roller inducter that you have.
I had the same type of noise plus a bad contact now and then that occured this past spring.
It drove me nuts trying to pin-point it.
 I sprayed some Deoxit D5 into a small plastic cup
and used Q-tips to clean and lube the contact surfaces and it is working like a champ.

My roller Inductors are 2 old Johnson units that are motor driven and they are part of a home brew outdoor remote tuner.
They are out doors inside a plastic box and exposed to below freezing temps and 90 degree heat.
I thought that the noise was from the bearing area, lubing that did nothing.
My noise was from the roller sliding back and forth
on the frame shaft.
I used some lube on the shaft an roller...it got rid of the noise Ok but I lost electrical contact.
After cleaning up my mistake and making sure that I had continuity again, I used the Deoxit on the shaft and roller as I ran it.
I also cleaned the windings on the rollers.

I don't have the High DC voltages that you have in your Tank circuit but I am sure that there are high levels of RF voltages developed as I feed a half wave 160m In-V via 150 ft. of ladder line on all bands with pwr from 100w to 500w.
These babys get quite a working out in this usage going from band to band to tune things up.
Any ways worked for me, if you find a different or better fix please post it.
73 jim heath/w8ngo

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