[AMRadio] Squeaky roller inductor

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Sat Feb 3 13:28:52 EST 2007

Just use WD-40.  It will clean, lubricate and clean the contact surfaces.  I 
fixed the sparking roller contacts on the roller inductor in my Gates that 
way, and it also made it turn more freely.

I find it also cleans noisy potentiometers.  I used to have to spray the 
a.f. gain control on my 75A-4 about once a month, using the stuff sold at 
the local electronics supply store just for that purpose, or it would become 
scratchy and noisy.  I gave it a good dose of WD-40, and it has been quiet 
for almost 10 years now, with no recurring scratchiness.

Don k4kyv

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