[AMRadio] Daven 1030-G Clarification

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Sat Feb 3 22:29:53 EST 2007

   I should add that, since the fixed-step-switch attenuator network has 13 
resistors, all tied to a common point - that to actually get specific 
attenuation "calibrated" in Decibels, the resistors must be valued for 
that, and at a specific impedance especially - which in classic audio work 
could be 150, 600, or even 10K ohms - for RF stuff it could be 50, 75, or 
300 ohms...  the fact that the terminals are marked 1,2,3,4...  makes it 
pretty obvious what the values are, and I have several step-attenuators 
(by other manufacturers) that operate exactly like this.

  If someone has a Daven catalog with this in it, that will tell all. (I 
Googled briefly - no luck).

   Otherwise, you haven't much of a prayer...




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