[AMRadio] Rollers

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Wed Feb 7 12:30:41 EST 2007

Thanks, John.  I have used that method and it works great!  However, I'm 
trying to devise a way to put low profile rollers under the BT-20-A.  I 
have it in the shack, but it's a booger to move around.  The thing is 
75" tall and my doors have a 79 1/2" clearance and I don't want to make 
it impossible or extremely difficult to move around if need be.  I found 
some low profile casters, but those rascals were about $25.00 each.  
I'll keep thumbing through ER and others, I know it's here.

Thanks again!

John King wrote:

>You can always use three pieces of pipe as rollers
>under the plywood and as you move the transmitter take
>one that rolls out the back side...

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