[AMRadio] Rollers

Robert Nickels W9RAN at oneradio.net
Wed Feb 7 23:06:34 EST 2007

Rick Brashear wrote:
> BINGO!  Thanks, Bob.  I nearly wore the pages of my ER collection out 
> looking.  That's exactly what I remember and a great idea I might 
> add.  Those rascals are a little pricey, but I'll check the auction 
> place as you suggested.  Tell me, do you find 24 to be sufficient for 
> easy movement?  The folks I spoke with recommended a minimum of 36 at 
> 75 pounds capacity each for my weight, but I doubt the BT-20 weighs as 
> much as your Collins.  The BT-20-A weighs in at 815 pounds according 
> to the manual.  The base is about 30" X 24".
Rick, I think you'll be fine, the Collins is heavier than that.  I only 
used 20, which gave me about 1500 pounds capacity (and I expect that's 
conservative).  As you can see my room has a wood laminate floor, and I 
wanted to spread the load out to minimize the chance of damaging the 
floor.  So far, no problem and on that surface the base rolls like a dream.

Through the eBay source the cost is $30 for a base like this.  Now, I've 
got to find time to get the 20V going!

73, Bob W9RAN

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