[AMRadio] Thermocouple rf ammeter

Jay Rusgrove JRusgrove at comcast.net
Sat Feb 10 10:53:59 EST 2007

There are both internal and external types. I have an internal type NOS Simpson 0-5A (packaged 1/58)
that is very accurate. No telling about the accuracy of abused meters...other than to verify their

They can be easily checked if you have a DVM that reads ac amperes. Put the DVM and the rf ammeter
in series with an appropriate sized load (several light bulbs) and plug it in to 120 VAC.

Jay W1VD

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> Brian,
> There is 'supposed' to be an EXTERNAL thermocouple that sits in parallel
> to the RF Ammeter.
> The ammeter is ONLY one piece.
> My $0.02 worth.
> Bob - N0DGN
> A.R.S. - W5AMI wrote:
> > Don, or anyone;
> >
> > I've got a NOS, still in the box Triplet 0-5 amp rf ammeter that I'd
> > like to hook up.  Using balanced feedline, I'm assuming I just hook it
> > in series with one leg of the feedline.  This would be AFTER the
> > balanced link coupled tuner of course.  Do; do you use two, one on
> > each leg?
> >
> > I've been thinking about getting another one just like it for both
> > legs, but I'm not so sure that's really necessary if your feedline,
> > tuner, and antenna are truly balanced.  One leg should read the same
> > as the other ...in theory ;)
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Brian / w5ami
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