[AMRadio] Re: meters...

Jim Candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Sat Feb 10 18:51:39 EST 2007

Brett gazdzinski wrote:
> I got a wavetech meterman, really cheap meter, but
> it measures inductance from micro henrys, to henrys, 
> Pico farads to farads, frequency to 20 Mhz,
> volts, ohms, current, etc.


I got one of these years ago at my last job. It was in the office stationary cabinet. I thought that was odd, so i asked around. Nobody claimed it, and they said I could have it. When I left the company I had permission to take it as mine. I use it all the time. Only problem is after many years in a damp garage the function switch has acted up, and needed cleaning. Other than that, a great meter!
The capacitance measurement is good down to 1 nf (.001 uf), Below that I use my Autek RF-1 SWR analyst that can read inductance or capacitance at whatever frequency you want and at whatever lead length you choose. The Autek products are pretty good IMHO.


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