[AMRadio] Gates BC1-T operational

mark swartzell mswartzell at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 11 07:25:52 EST 2007

   I  began  my  career  i  commercial  radio  in 1966 when I was in high
   school.   Our  transmitter  was a Gates BC1-T.  1KW day, 250 W nights.
   Back  then,  thought  those were some pretty big tubes until I went to
   work for a 50KW AM running a Continental 317-C.

   I  liked the Gates with the triangular "porthole" window in the front.
   Tnx for the memories.


   Mark AA0CX

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     >  Steve - very nice looking piece of work!
     >   I have much the same road ahead of me on my RCA BTA-1MX - which
     >has  a  pretty  similar  topology  to  the Gates - a bunch of 807s
     >two pairs of 833s - RF and Audio...
     >   It's getting to be so many resuced BC rigs coming operational
     >that we're going to need 'Big Iron' subbands.. hihi!
     >  Cheers
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