[AMRadio] Re: Gates BC1-T operational again

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 11 09:01:22 EST 2007

Steve -- I'm impressed, you really have cleaned 'er
up. Did you wax that door? Looks great. I think Don,
K4KYV has an original lower skirt for you that covers
the air intake filter. My brother has one of these and
Don also saved the vertical meter cover that I plan to
get from him someday. HEY just spotted the original,
red 250V dummy load light bulb in there !  Very cool !
 You may already know that the only purpose of that
bulb is to show you've selected the dummy load and not
the station antenna, right?  Some people think it's
part of the resistor bank to show current or
something. Nuh-uh. Just an idiot light.


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