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Hosstraders (SK)

To All Radio Amateurs...
 From the Hosstraders, Joe K1RQG, Bob W1GWU, and Norm W1ITT
February       2007
Re: Hosstraders Tailgate Swapfest

The October 2006 event was the last Hosstraders.  After careful 
consideration, we have decided to discontinue hosting the event.  A 
combination of factors have led to this difficult decision.  We've 
been running Hosstraders for a third of a century, but we've always 
done it "our way" and we feel that the result has been an event 
unique in the Amateur Radio world, certainly in New England.  A 
number of things have been taken into account, but foremost in our 
mind is that we want Hosstraders to be a quality experience in every 
way, and not to slowly run it into the ground just for the ride.   We 
want to take things out on a high note, while we can still be
proud of our efforts.

Briefly, the factors that led us to this point are problems with site 
logistics, the changing face of flea marketing due to  internet 
commerce,  changes in directions of Amateur Radio, and just the fact 
that we have done it for a third of a century and we are getting old 
and tuckered out.  It is not our intent to elaborate further on these 
matters.  Nor do we intend to anoint or endorse any successors, or go 
into the  business of Hamfest Consulting, so please don't
ask.  We are unaware of any person or group in the region with the 
experience to  "take over".  Therefore,  be very cautious of anyone 
who comes forward claiming to be the "new Hosstraders".  Running an 
event of Hosstraders' size and impact is more challenging than it 
appears!  What's the next step?  Well, for us, we plan to relax and 
play radio.   For the rest of the Amateur community in the 
Northeast,  we'd suggest that you get off the internet and on the 
air.  Support your local clubs, and their events.  Put up an antenna 
for some ham  who needs a
bit of assistance, and help to maintain the fraternal aspects of our hobby.

We wish to thank you for your great support these many years.  We 
often hear from hams who have been attending Hosstraders since  those 
early days in Seabrook.  Since that first event, where 61 of us met 
on a flat grassy field, we've had lots of fun, and made lots  of 
memories.  We've also donated over 1.3 million dollars to the 
Shriners' Hospitals for the care and support of severely burned 
and  crippled kids.  We are proud of that, and those who participated
can share in that pride.  The need still exists at the Hospitals, 
so  if you wish to make someone happy, perhaps each year on the 
anniversary of Hosstraders, you could send a check along to 
Boston,  Springfield or Montreal.  They will not waste it!

We hope you'll remember the times we all had together at Seabrook, 
Deerfield, Kingston (!), Rochester and Hopkinton.   You can be sure 
that we will never forget.

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