[AMRadio] Re: Gates BC1-T operational again

SBJohnston at aol.com SBJohnston at aol.com
Sun Feb 11 18:42:04 EST 2007

wa3vjb at yahoo.com writes:

> Steve -- I'm impressed, you really have cleaned 'er
> up. Did you wax that door? Looks great. 

No, I smoothed out the scratches, touched-up the paint with a similar gray, 
then oversprayed with some satin clear coat to even it all out.  Since it was 
being done indoors in the winter I didn't just fully respray everything - the 
fumes were bad enough with the limited job.
> K4KYV has an original lower skirt for you that covers
> the air intake filter. My brother has one of these and
> Don also saved the vertical meter cover that I plan to
> get from him someday. 

I have it, but it was full of mouse nests and the urine had caused it rust 
severely.  With all those little holes it will be a heck of a job to get it 
de-rusted, so I'm saving it for later in the year.  Plus it sticks out in a 
significant way and with the rig elevated on the dollies I would be bumping my shins 
into it...

> HEY just spotted the original, red 250V dummy load light bulb in there !  
Very cool !

It works fine - for the photos I pulled the j-plug out a bit so the dummy 
load light switch wasn't engaged.


Steve WD8DAS

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