[AMRadio] K5SWK

Geoff/W5OMR ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 00:08:13 EST 2007

k0ng at inebraska.com wrote:
> Thanks for the SWK foto's Geoff. Shack looks different than last foto 
> I saw.
> Operator about same.

I should clarify - that shack is the operating position at WA5BXO/WB5PKD.

Friends for years and years, John and BJ came to an agreement... that on 
BJ's property in the country, John and he would go in together on an 80' 
office trailer. 

The transmitter is on the other side of the wall from where Otis is 
sitting (referring to the 'in-thought" pic).  The mic on a boom, the 
exciter/vfo, inter-stage power amp,, receiver, speech-amp are all there 
on the slanted console.

The AM side of the operating console is on the 'right' side.  On the 'la 
la left' is the SSB/digital ... 'stuff'.


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