[AMRadio] Re: Gates BC1-T operational again

SBJohnston at aol.com SBJohnston at aol.com
Wed Feb 14 09:27:23 EST 2007

k4kyv at charter.net writes:

> I think that lower skirt that covers the air intake is the most ridiculous 
> looking thing I ever saw on a piece of equipment.  I have considered 
> modifying mine so that it is flat instead of bulging out. 

That was my rationale and why I ended up with the flat filter intake.  It 
wasn't too difficult to break the welds between the flaring cage and the top 
rail, and just install the top rail into the transmitter.

Thanks for the descriptions of the mods you've made to the transmitter.  Some 
of them I'd already done, such as rigging the fans to run in series on 115 
VAC for reduced noise.  I need to deal with those noisy contactors too.  There 
is either  some dirt in there stopping the solenoids from bottoming out, or 
they are not made right and need to be changed to DC.  In all the many broadcast 
transmitters I've worked on over the years these little guys are the loudest 
I've heard.

I was figuring a way to key my Gates on CW too...  I thought I could arrange 
a relay to short out a resistor in the bias line to the PA, so that the tubes 
were cut off when the key was up.  But I haven't gone much further than idle 

Steve WD8DAS

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