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Sandy, I am going to use 6 inch spacers that are made of ceramic.  I have 
some E.F. Johnson round spacers that will be part of the system.

I would think that I will use a lot of spacers if I space them 1 foot apart.

I guess it is a matter of keeping the two wires from touching.

Would you recommend a double extended Zepp or just a Zepp, 134 feet?  I 
thought of going 265 feet with the feeders attached in the middle of the 
antenna with an insulator of course.

Somehow, I seem to be going backwards instead of forward in time.  We are 
going to "construct" an old time shack from the 30's and need an authentic 
antenna configuration with a Collins antenna tuner.


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> The spacing isn't very critical at all.  Anything from 2-6" spacing and 
> wire from #16-#12.  Single conductor black plastic insulated wire works 
> just fine.  #14 guage OK.  If you make the insulators so they are spaced 
> about 4" and place a spacer every foot.  The spacers can be wood that's 
> been soaked in hot beeswax for a while.  Don't try regular paraffin 
> sealing wax as it will melt in the sun.  Beeswax will not.  Spacers can be 
> made from any DARK plastic (plexiglas, lexan, etc.)  Avoid clear plastic 
> as the sun will ruin it after a year or so.  Years ago guys were using 
> plastic "Toni" haircurlers, but the sun played hob with them after a 
> while.  Impedance? Anything from around 250-600 ohms OK.  I no longer use 
> home brewed open wire as the "window" twin lead is too readily available 
> (common 450 ohm stuff) and will handle a KW. all OK.
> 73,
> Sandy W5TVW
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>> What impedance are you looking for?
>> The "Handbook" has formulas.
>> Jim
>>> What is a "good" spacing between 6 inche spreaders, using #14 wire, let 
>>> us say.
>>> Thank you
>>> Dave, W3ST
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