[AMRadio] FS: BA Shack Accessories: Multicoupler, VFOs,

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 17 10:30:40 EST 2007

For Sale. All prices plus shipping.

Globe Electronics V-10 Deluxe VFO. After Leo sold his
way out of WRL, the line was renamed Globe Electronics
and the new owners repackaged a lot of the old
products in stylish new cabinets. The V-10 VFO is the
repackaged WRL 755 HF unit with the same great
stability. This one is in uperb cosmetic condition. It
has a couple marks on the paint but is basically
gorgeous. All original. I have not tested it recently.
But it was working perfectly 2 years ago and I would
not expect it to have any problems if brought up on a
variac. $149

Another Globe Deluxe HF VFO with bad paint. Untested.
As-is. $65

Timewave DP-9Plus DSP unit, like new in original box.

Panoramic PCA-2T-200 panadapter. This is a roughly
1947-vintage panadpter that Hallicrafters later
copied. It looks pretty good but has some odd rust
spots. Untesedt and as-is. The tube lineup is 1-902
CRT, 1-7F7, 2-6SQ7, 1-6AC7, 1-6SJ7 and 1-117Z6. $100

Stone Mountain Engineering Morsemaster II Code Trainer
and oscillator with manual and wall wart, assembled.
Working perfectly. With manual. $35

Waters Model 359 Compreamp. Mic preamp with
transistorized compressor. Small unit. Needs cleaning.
Untested. $25

EFJ 250-34 Power Divider. Not sure what this was used
for. Excellent original condition. $40

Heathkit SB-300-3 6 meter receive converter for the
B-300 and -301 receivers. Looks good. With crystal.

Numechron 10 minute timer “Call-Ident” station call
reminder (10-minute mechanical clock with buzzer).
Excellent looking and working. Brown bakelite. Rare.
You see the clocks at hamfests sometimes. But this is
the only one of these I have ever seen. $35

Military PP 4763/GRC 28VDC, 50 AMP Regulated Power
Supply. Contract DAA807 67 C 0637, Christie Electronic
Corporation, Self contained supply in ventilated
cabinet. 140 pounds. Working as designed. I got this
from Fair Radio many years ago. It was powering the
dynamotors on my surplus gear. I had to cut off one of
the 2 rear 19 inch rack brackets to get it to go into
the back of my rack. And it has kind of an overall
beat-up look to it. But it's working well. With 2
Original TM 11 5820 765 12 manuals plus Christie
Service Manual copy. $250. Pick up only in Pittsburgh,

Morris coil winder. This is dirty, but I believe it is
complete with with all the cams and gears. As-is. $75

W3QNI Variable DC Load. Homebrew DC load for up to
2500V at up to 300ma. Was designed to use 2 211 tubes
in parallel and I have one weak 211 in it and one
strong Amperex HF-120 which is a rough 211 equivalent.
This is in an open-top chassis (!) with the works
exposed and 2 Western Electric meters on the thin
plastic front panel. Working as designed.
With an article on variable DC loads and specs on
Amperex HF-120 tube. W3QNI (SK) was a master builder
and Western Electric employee so this thing is very
well made and quite simple. $65

Military "Antenna Coupler CU 5069/FRD 10A." The plate
says "A Unit Of AN/FRD 10A  Contract _______  RCA
Corporation." This is a receiver multicoupler with one
input and 32 outputs. It has some gain in each output.
All solid state, 3.5 inch high 19" rackmount. Comes
Power cord with correct military connector. Purchgsed
from now defunct W. J. Ford Surplus in May of 1999.
It's in excellent cosmetic condition and good working
condition. $285

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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