[AMRadio] FS: Gross CB-80 Transmitter

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 18 18:06:30 EST 2007

For Sale: Gross CB-80 transmitter. This is the only
one of these transmitters that has survived--there are
no others anywhere on Earth. This is a 1936-vintage
5-foot high rack transmitter for AM and CW covering 10
through 80 meters with plug-in coils. It has a 42
crystal osc into a 6L6 buffer driving and Eimac 35T in
the final. The modulator is a pair of 6L6's. I think
it is all original looking, though it may have some
very old mods that I can't tell from original. The one
unoriginal appearing thing about it is the RF ammeter
in the antenna matching section, which is definitely
not original--though it looks very close. Also, the
antenna matching section has been basically guttd and
will have to be rbuilt. It had two caps and some coils
in it. But only the caps remain. 

This rig has the optional meter panel with 4
surface-mount Gross-logo'ed meters that plug into
various spots on the rig with 1/4 inch phone plugs.
The one coil installed in this thing probably isn't
right--it's a EFJ edgewound type. So you should plan
on building a set of coils for it. I have most of the
original documentation including schematics. It's very
fragile but I also have photocopies. 

The rack is made for this rig and each chassis can be
slid out on metal flanges. It has the original paint,
Gross name tag and looks pretty sharp for its age.

Naturally, this is pickup only in Pittsburgh, PA. I
could possibly break it down and ship it in a bunch of
boxes. The rack could be unbolted and shipped flat in
another box. But the total cost of all that would be
in the hundreds of dollars and I would charge and
extra $150 for packing.

Anyway, if you want something absolutley unique and
one-of-a-kind n your shack that connects you to the
first golden age of ham radio in the 1930's, then this
will be auite a conversation piece for you.

Pictures available.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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