[AMRadio] Transformers Revised

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Sun Feb 18 21:45:23 EST 2007

I just made a discovery.  The BT-20-A broadcast transmitter uses several 
filament transformers for the various stages.  All of them are rated at 
100 volts AC primary.  All of the primaries pass through a voltage 
adjusting rheostat and volt meter to insure proper filament voltage on 
all tubes.   So, my earlier request for a 115 vac primary filament 
transformer was wrong.  It needs to have a 100 vac primary.  I'm sure GE 
did this to insure there was plenty of room, high or low, for various 
line voltages encountered.  However, it's created a problem since I 
haven't seen a lot of 100 vac primary transformers floating around.  
This may be a perfect candidate for rewind.  Any help or advice will be 
greatly appreciated.


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