[AMRadio] Transformers Revised

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Mon Feb 19 10:38:41 EST 2007

Hi Gary,

As usual, my description was lacking.  The beast has five filament 
transformers with all primaries wired in parallel.  So, to adjust the 
filament voltage you simply set the rheostat to 100 vac as indicated on 
the filament voltage meter.   So, GE has created a sure fire way (or so 
they thought) of selling only their transformers for replacement.  
Proprietary to the max!  If I can find a milti tap transformer with a 
100 vac tap and 5 vac @ 2.5 amp secondary, as Geoff suggested,  I'll try 
to fit it in.  If not, you are likely to get some business.  I think the 
plate tranny is going to be equally hard to find.  It's 900-0-900 
secondary and 115 vac primary.  It can't be potted due to the mounting 
and there is very little room in the area for anything much bigger than 
the original.  I'm going to send you the part numbers of both along with 
a better description and see if you can do your thing on them in case I 
strike out on a replacement.


gkb wrote:

>Kinda scratching my head here, if the primary voltage is passing thru a
>rheostat, why the need for 100 volt primary trannys?

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