[AMRadio] Tranny Test

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Mon Feb 19 14:54:48 EST 2007

Okay.. I have decided the filament transformer in the GE may still be 
okay.  I've had it connected through a Variac at 100 volts (the stated 
primary voltage of the transformer) for about 2 hours and it is barely 
warm.  I also have a 5R4 filament connected to it as it would be in the 
circuit.  In addition to that I have about 10 ohms of resistance on the 
output causing a current draw of about 450 ma.  With all of this it 
still seems to be fine and is not heating up at all.  However, I need a 
way to test the high voltage insulating properties of the secondary 
since this is used in a full wave rectifier circuit of about 800 volts.  
I do not have a megger or similar device, so is there any quick and easy 
test I can perform short of putting it back into the actual circuit to 
see if it breaks down under full load conditions?


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