[AMRadio] More tranny thoughts

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Mon Feb 19 16:28:10 EST 2007

The more I look at this hv transformer the more I think it may not be as 
hefty as I was thinking.  It supplies only the screens of the two 828 
modulator output tubes and the one 828 audio driver.  It's possible the 
transformer is no more than 200 ma.  It's really not very big or heavy, 
probably 8 - 10 pounds.  It has only the one winding, no lv at all, so 
that would account for some of the size, but still I think maybe I am 
rating it a little high.  Of course, the manual gives nothing but a part 
number.  Thankfully, someone wrote on the schematic 900-0-900 or I would 
be clueless as to the voltage.  I only hope they were semi accurate. 

What do ya'll think?  Would it be necessary to have more than 200 ma, 
including a safety factor,  to supply the screens of those three tubes?


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