[AMRadio] FS-NOS TV-7 Tube Tester Meters

Peter Wittenberg k2lrc at k2lrc.com
Mon Feb 19 22:57:40 EST 2007

I will take both of the meters if they are still available.
Peter K2LRC 

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    I have NOS TV-7 tube tester meters for sale. The meters are in boxes
sealed in metal foil with a 1983 date code.Packages are in excellent dry
shape. The meter is made by A&M Instruments, model 365-491. These meters are
physically identical {size and scaling} as the one in my TV-7D/U and the
same sealed 0-200 uA. movement. The meters are marked "TV-7E/U". Price is
25.00 plus shipping from 77511. Thanks. 
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