[AMRadio] Transformers Revised

gkb gkbrown at gwi.net
Tue Feb 20 03:03:32 EST 2007

    I know you would like to keep it original but even with today's
transformers at 120 volts, primary, the secondary still remains the same for
filament voltage. Another thing I don't understand at this point, why
monitor filament primary voltage? I would think to monitor the true filament
voltage is more critical.
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> Hi Gary,
> As usual, my description was lacking.  The beast has five filament
> transformers with all primaries wired in parallel.  So, to adjust the
> filament voltage you simply set the rheostat to 100 vac as indicated on
> the filament voltage meter.   So, GE has created a sure fire way (or so
> they thought) of selling only their transformers for replacement.
> Proprietary to the max!  If I can find a milti tap transformer with a
> 100 vac tap and 5 vac @ 2.5 amp secondary, as Geoff suggested,  I'll try
> to fit it in.  If not, you are likely to get some business.  I think the
> plate tranny is going to be equally hard to find.  It's 900-0-900
> secondary and 115 vac primary.  It can't be potted due to the mounting
> and there is very little room in the area for anything much bigger than
> the original.  I'm going to send you the part numbers of both along with
> a better description and see if you can do your thing on them in case I
> strike out on a replacement.
> Thanks,
> Rick/K5IZ
> gkb wrote:
> >Kinda scratching my head here, if the primary voltage is passing thru a
> >rheostat, why the need for 100 volt primary trannys?
> >Regards,
> >Gary...WZ1M
> >
> >
> >
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