[AMRadio] Transceiver For Sale

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Sat Feb 24 09:59:16 EST 2007

Thanks Bry, I wish I could have made it fit.  I remember those days too, 
when it wasn't a question of IF you could find a place to mount things 
in autos, but which place did you want to use.  Man, are those days long 

Bry Carling wrote:

>That is a really nice radio, Rick - sure wish I could afford it.
>I bought an old HR2600 for ten meters. Unmodified. 
>It seems like any more it is hard to fit a radio in any vehicle.
>Years ago you could always mount them under the dash in the 
>middle of the car, but all veghicles nowadays have an ugly 
>hump in the way, or the dash is this huge thing that completely 
>consumes all space!
>It is harder to get power to a radio, harder to mount 
>antennas. I finally wnet with a small magnetic mount aerial 
>for 10m in my car!
>Bry, AF4K

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