[AMRadio] Gates BC-1 Conversion Info Working

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Tue Feb 27 11:28:37 EST 2007

Bill KB3DKS/1 said:

  "Hello Guys,
The large image function for this info is now working.   I got greedy and 
had too many pixels!  The images should display correctly on all browsers.
  Again, info at:  http://photos.doxaudiolab.net/thumbnails.php?album=18 
Sorry about that!"

I could not view the images on the screen.  Either they were too small to 
read, or magnified so large that only a few words displayed at a time.  I 
was able to save the pages to a folder in "My Documents" and then print the 
saved pages OK, although the printed  copy is very light.  I could probably 
xerox  my printed copies with a darker setting and bring out the text a 
little better.

Now, the image displays OK on the screen.  I notice that I get substantially 
better quality by viewing the pages directly off the website than from the 
saved pages. The printed copy is exactly the same now as before.

I already had that simplified control circuit schematic in my Gates book.  I 
used it to convert the relays to DC, by first redrawing the relay coil 
circuitry with a pencil, and then making modifications to my redrawn copy 
and documenting every change with notations on the paper, down to which 
terminal strip and terminal number.  Once I had it figured out, I went 
through the modified schematic and made the changes in the transmitter.  It 
worked perfectly the first time.

Don k4kyv

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